The sequences of transcription factors, transcriptional regulators and protein kinase identified by iATK software can be downloaded from this page. In addition, the protein sequences of the NBS gene family related to plant disease resistance are available on this page. 

Dangshansuli:Pbr_tf.fasta  Pbr_pk.fasta

Bartlett:Pco_tf.fasta  Pco_pk.fasta

Nijisseiki:Ppy_tf.fasta  Ppy_pk.fasta

Cuiguan:Ppc_tf.fasta  Ppc_pk.fasta

Duli:Pbe_tf.fasta  Pbe_pk.fasta

Zhongai 1:Puc_tf.fasta  Puc_pk.fasta

D'Anjou: Pcd_tf.fasta  Pcd_pk.fasta


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