Common Name
Chinese white pear

We combined a new approach for pollen protoplast isolation with a single-cell DNA amplification technique and then used a “barcoding” bioinformatics strategy to incorporate haploid-specific sequence data from 12 pollen cells, ultimately enabling the efficient and accurate phasing of the pear genome into its A and B haploid genomes. Beyond revealing that 8.12% of the genes in the pear reference genome feature mosaic assemblies and enabling a previously impossible analysis of allelic affects in pear gene expression, our new haploid genome assemblies provide high-resolution information about recombination during meiosis in pollen. Considering that outcrossing pear is an angiosperm species featuring very high heterozygosity, our method for rapidly phasing genome assemblies is potentially applicable to several yet-unsequenced outcrossing angiosperm species in nature.

Sequencing Platforms               Illumina

 Assembly Level                         Chromosome

Assembled Size of A                 546Mb

Assembled Size of B                 536Mb

Contig/Scaffold N50 of A        0.028/108Mb

Contig/Scaffold N50 of B       0.029/108Mb

Gene number of A         33559

Gene number of B         33060

Shi, D., Wu, J., Tang, H., Yin, H., Wang, H., Wang, R., Wang, R., Qian, M., Wu, J. and Qi, K. et al.. (2019) Single-pollen-cell sequencing for gamete-based phased diploid genome assembly in plants. GENOME RES, 29, 1889-1899.