ussuriensis x communis_Zhongai 1
Common Name
Zhongai 1

'Zhongai 1' [(Pyrus ussuriensis × communis) × spp.] is an excellent pear dwarfing rootstock common in China. It is dwarf itself and has high dwarfing efficiency on most of main Pyrus cultivated species when used as inter-stock.

Here we describe the draft genome sequences of 'Zhongai 1' which was assembled using PacBio long reads, Illumina short reads and Hi-C technology. We estimated the genome size is approximately 511.33 Mb by K-mer analysis and obtained a final genome of 510.59 Mb with a contig N50 size of 1.28 Mb. Next, 506.31 Mb (99.16%) of contigs were clustered into 17 chromosomes with a scaffold N50 size of 23.45 Mb. We further predicted 309.86 Mb (60.68%) of repetitive sequences and 43,120 protein-coding genes. 

Sequencing Platforms               PacBio+Illumina+Hi-C

 Assembly Level                       Chromosome

Estimated Genome Size           511.33Mb

Assembled Genome Size         510.59Mb

Scaffold N50                            23.45Mb

Contig N50                              1.28Mb

Gene Number                          43120

Ou, C., Wang, F., Wang, J., Li, S., Zhang, Y., Fang, M., Ma, L., Zhao, Y. and Jiang, S. (2019) A de novo genome assembly of the dwarfing pear rootstock Zhongai 1. SCI DATA, 6, 281.