1. Korla Pear 库尔勒香梨

Origin and Distribution

KorlaPear (2n=34), originated in Xinjiang, is mostly grown in southern Xinjiang. Fruits produced in Korla are the most famous.

Main Characters

Tree: vigorous, productive, medium precocity. Leaf.11.9cm×5.6cm in size, ovate. Initial leaf: green tinged with light red. Flower: white bud tinged with pink on edge, 6 to 7 flowers per cluster in average of 6.5; stamen number: 20 to 29, averaging 25.2; corolla diameter: 3.8cm. Fruit: matures in early September in Korla, Xinjiang, 107g per fruit, 5.6cm long, 6.4cm wide, spindle-shaped, greenish-yellow skin covered with striped red, thin, large core, 5 locules, flesh white, fine, juicy, crisp tender, sweet, aromatic; TSS 14.99%, TA 0.07%; quality good: storage life long.